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Because I can’t take my eyes off your hands, I love the way your hands gently brush the back of your partner. The same hands that wipe away your tears, the hands that make you feel safe at home.

Because I love to watch the light, the way it streams through your dress, or bounces off the ground in front of you. Because I’ll chase that light from sunrise to sunset, to show you how it felt on the day you chose to capture these memories.

Because I won’t smooth an eye crinkle or a cheek dimple. I’ll capture and share your favourite faces, with all their unique characteristics. When you look back on your images you’ll know those faces because they'll look exactly as you remember them, in the best possible light.

Worried about feeling uncomfortable in front of the camera? I’ve been that guy, dressed up in my finest clothes, hands in my pockets and not really sure where to look. So when you’re looking at me like that on your wedding day, I’m going to go ahead and crack a bad joke, and you might not even laugh at that joke, and then who is feeling awkward? I’d do that for you, don’t worry, I’ve got you.

Are you wondering what you'll do with all the beautiful images from your wedding day? It takes time to select the images, print them, and hang them on the walls or put them into an album, I get that. Lucky for you, we’ve developed a system to take the stress out of this process, and I’m going to walk you through it step by step, until your images are hanging right where you can see them every day.

Pricing & Availability

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Be Intentional

Savour the Moment

Be Present

Include the people, the places and the mementos that mean the most to you. Your images are like little time capsules, let them show exactly who you are in this moment.

Your images will evoke the feelings you felt in the moment, so feel all the things in that moment! Laugh, cry, stand in stillness, do whatever feels right to you.

Show up as yourself, the whole you. Wear what you feel great in. Let yourself experience this moment fully, don't hold anything back.

Pricing & Availability

We choose Prince Edward County because of the scenery, the food and the people.

Prince Edward County is full of sand dune beaches, fields of wildflowers, rocky beaches and more wineries, cideries and microbreweries than you can count. You will find luxury bed and breakfasts, boutique hotels and a mix of other unique properties. Our favourite thing about PEC is the mix of incredible talent and down to earth people. We love it here, and we know you will love your experience here too.


When should we book you?
Reach out ASAP! We only accept 10-12 weddings per year and often book a year or more in advance.
Where do you live and how far do you travel?
We live in Belleville, Ontario and travel all over the world to photograph weddings. If your wedding is in Ontario, all travel costs are included in our wedding package. If you live somewhere else in North America or Europe, our travel costs are all included in our destination wedding package.
What is your style?
We use a documentary approach to tell the story of your day through your images. We encourage you with subtle posing and movement to capture your personality as individuals and as a couple.
Why are there two of you?
We work as a team (in life and in photography). We see the world differently and our images compliment each other to tell the full story of your day. We have different strengths, and support each other's weaknesses.