Intimate Waupoos Winery Wedding

October 29, 2020

Updated March 4, 2021

bride groom celebrate at waupoos winery ceremony

Intimate Waupoos Winery Wedding in late August 2020

Vanessa and Arek took a leap of faith in 2020. When they reached out to us mid-summer and said they were planning an intimate wedding at Waupoos Winery in Prince Edward County, and that everything would be happening in approximately one month’s time we thought “heck yes, we’re in”! Not only did Vanessa plan a wedding in just over 1 month, but she planned the wedding while 5-6 months pregnant. This woman is a superhero, not only in wedding planning but in real life too, she’s a nurse in the NICU.

Getting Ready for the Wedding in Prince Edward County

Vanessa got ready with her mother, maid of honour and sister, in the farmhouse at Waupoos Winery. With the light streaming in from the large windows and skylights, and the soundtrack from Pitch Perfect playing in the background she was surrounded by all the good vibes.

guests see bride for first time waupoos winery wedding

Intimate Wedding Ceremony by the water at Waupoos Winery

bride and father waiting in cabana waupoos winery wedding

One of our favourite features of Waupoos Winery weddings is the Cabana. A little tucked away space where the wedding party can hide away before the ceremony. Vanessa had a few quiet moments with her father and Maid of Honour there before it was time to walk down the aisle.

Oh my heart, the look on Arek’s face as Vanessa walked down the aisle – I mean come on, the sweetest. I don’t know if it was because so many family gatherings have been cancelled this summer, or this was just a particularly adorable group of people but there was not a dry eye as Vanessa’s father gave her away.

bride and groom embrace at sunset wedding portrait

Wedding Portraits at Golden Hour at Waupoos Winery, Prince Edward County

As the light turned golden we wandered through the vineyard, having a celebratory wine and a few appetizers with the bride, groom, maid of honour and best man. We ventured up to the Farmhouse and then into the orchard, finishing with a mini trip to see the animals. Vanessa and Arek shared with us that prior to today, they had maybe 10 photos together, total! We couldn’t believe it! As they held hands, taking turns feeling the baby kick you couldn’t peel the smiles off their faces. They radiated joy and contentment. This wedding, these people, were an absolute light in the chaos that has been 2020.

Thank you Vanessa & Arek for inviting us into your family, to document your commitment to each other and to share in this magical day. We cannot wait to see you as a family of three!

Prince Edward County Wedding Vendors:

Venue // Waupoos Winery // Waupoos, Prince Edward County -All you need to know about Waupoos Winery Weddings, click here

Florist // Floralora Flowers

Hair // Rebecca Gunter

Officiant // Larry Hurley // Your Wedding Your Way

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